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We believe that commercial returns on investment are ephemeral unless deeply rooted in conservation and contributive to human development. Sustained value creation (in turn investment returns and global development) necessarily require synchronization in the activities of capital providers, governments and development agencies

About Setuka Partners LLP

We provide hands-on advise on investing and creating value in emerging and frontier markets.

“Setuka” means “Bridge” in Sanskrit. The name epitomizes what we do in enabling the flow of capital and capacity between the two seemingly parallel and disparate sides of the so-called “developed” and “developing” world. We strongly believe that the persistence of such divide is detrimental to the sustainable development of our planet. We actively work to eliminate this divide and want to see it disappear in our lifetimes.

The core belief underlying our work in the facilitation of capital flow across borders is that the divide between “Development Finance” and “Commercial Finance” is artificial.

Those focusing on “commercial returns” alone are simply ignoring costs that such single-minded focus imposes on the planet and on that part of the population that happened to be born without a similar access to opportunities. We believe it is not only possible to achieve commercial and developmental results in conjunction, it is the only choice we have if we want future generations to thrive.

As part of our mission we (a) Guide emerging market focused investors, fund managers and entrepreneurs in building enduring partnerships (b) Drive fundamental change in the construct, delivery and evaluation of aid and development programs by embedding practical insights from on-ground experience and networks in emerging markets.

Appropriate leverage and blending of public and private capital for economic transformation in emerging and fragile countries lies at the core of our work.

Our team brings unique experiences and deep insights into how emerging and frontier markets work and, more importantly, how your capital can be made to work to your satisfaction there.

Our Services

International Development

We drive fundamental change in the construct, delivery and evaluation of aid and development programs by embedding practical insights from on-ground experience and networks with the public and private sector, and policy makers in emerging and frontier markets.

Impact Investing

We help entrepreneurs, financial institutions and fund managers in emerging and frontier markets build enduring partnerships with providers of capital who understand that sustained commercial returns are incidental to socially responsible investments. Our government and DFI relationships enable us to put together bespoke public-private capital blended finance transactions for rapid scale of Impact.

South-South Learning

We regularly lead study tours of senior public and private sector officials from emerging and frontier markets to other similar markets for cross-pollination of learnings.


We provide and facilitate provision of capacity (through institutions like World Bank, ADB) for startup social enterprises in the form of transfer of knowledge and mentorship.


Our work is innovative in the fact that it is the only setup with a base in the US enabling social enterprises in the emerging world connect with investors and raise capital from them.


We solve the problem of lack of access to affordable debt and equity capital by emerging and frontier market SMEs arising from (a) high transaction costs (b) exaggerated investor risk perception (c) limited ability of these enterprises to make and present their business case to investors.


Setuka Partners supports small and medium enterprises globally to connect with international investors that provide affordable investment capital. Besides making the connection, we hand-hold the SMEs in their business and growth strategy, fundraising plan, use of proceeds from fundraising and most importantly, help them negotiate the best terms for the investment for their business.

Setuka Partners Team

Sharp, focused, relevant, diligent and present where you need them!

Aman Khanna
Founder and Managing Partner

Aman Khanna is a seasoned advisor focused on facilitating the flow of capital and capacity towards innovative largescale development projects working on compelling challenges towards achievement of the SDGs. He brings a unique combination of policy, private sector, non-profit sector and investor perspectives developed over 18 years of experience.

Amit Khanna
Advisory Director

With his 20+ years of diverse (multi- country, industry and functional) experience – developing strategy, setting up and running service and risk operations, and improving operational and financial performance – Amit’s strategic outlook and sharp acumen helps the execution team to “cut through the clutter” and deliver sharp and clear recommendations.

Vibhuti Narang

Vibhuti provides independent program support to the Agriculture /Rural, Environment /Forestry team/ Climate Change at the World Bank, DC (Head office) in accordance with processing quality standards and efficiency of maintaining delivery, including preparing standard project documentation, task management, budget management, processing high quality project performance reports, completion reviews and major evaluations. Her experience spanning 15 years experience in International Development across The World Bank, IDRC and Save the Children is valuable to the firm in staying on course and deepening our insights

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