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"Setuka is making an outstanding contribution to our international capital raising efforts. Aman invests in and nurtures relationships with capital providers to drive convergence on terms that create win-win partnerships, as against making for a zero-sum “negotiation”. I find his drive to exceed expectations and seek excellence - both in the process and in quality of outcomes – to be unmatched in the industry. His energy is infectious and inspired both the investor and our teams to put in their best. As we navigated a transaction with Setuka during COVID, the firm was innovative and crafted new solutions to bridge the perception and geographic gap between us and the investor. I wish Setuka all the very best and am convinced that Setuka’s ability to channel capital for blended social and commercial returns can be a game changer for many companies like ours."
*Setuka has been a solid advisor through the process of our international fundraise. Aman’s ability to embed himself into our core operating team for execution of the transaction while remaining dispassionate and clinical as a strategic advisor to me is unique. Setuka’s close counsel at every step was crucial in navigating closure of a bespoke blended finance transaction that was a first for both the investor and us. By blending technical assistance with capital infusion, the transaction will further demonstrate Milk Mantra’s ethos of conscious capitalism.*
"Setuka Partners helped us in our debt funding from DFC. Aman brings in deep understanding of the development sector and is focussed on finding comprehensive solutions cutting across legal, commercial, structural and business requirements. Setuka is a customer centric organization and it's a pleasure to work with Aman."
"I happened to be introduced to Aman Khanna through our investors for arranging ECB for my company. He was so cordial and friendly from day one and took special liking towards us, as we were trying to create a new health care delivery model in India. The insight that he gave for the transaction to happen and the continued support after that was simply great. We were the first hospital company in India which raised ECB from Development Finance Corporation - DFC, USA and Aman was instrumental in this transaction to happen. In fact Aman has become almost like one Be Well family member and I could reach out to him for anything. He has always listened and given us advice and support every time. He is a man who puts relationship first and in front which makes him unique.Wishing him good luck and best wishes always. "
"Setuka has been our long term partner in our effort to raise debt, particularly catalytic debt from international institutions. Aman brings with him a solid network of highly reputed financial partners, and is organised, clinical and relentless in driving the process of fundraising to its logical conclusion."
“Setuka has been a true partner for us. The team is fully dedicated to client success and went above and beyond in driving closure for us. High integrity, deep expertise and close handholding partnership distinguish Setuka from other Advisors. The team has worked in the trenches with my team, while also putting together innovative blended capital transactions across the capital stack {debt, equity, grants and guarantees). The transaction has been acknowledged by USAID as one of the best run and impactful projects funded by them. I highly recommend Setuka to any institution seeking or deploying capital in a manner that unlocks holistic development in a commercially attractive model. The expert counsel, thinking on client's behalf and drive to closure is unmatched”
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